FAQs – VitalsTrak

Yes, you can. Pacemaker is an intrusive device which adjusts heartbeat. VitalsTrak is non-intrusive and monitors heartbeat among other vitals.

No, VitalsTrak does not require a prescription.

Yes. VitalProbe monitors vitals for well-being.

Yes, you can use VitalsTrak with the optional belt when you bathe. 

Yes, your data is fully protected on VitalsTrak, paired smartphone and cloud. Your data on the cloud stays anonymous. Data associated with you can ONLY be shared BY YOU using a time-based token that ONLY YOU can generate and share.

Yes, VitalsTrak can be used on new-born babies, infants and children.

No, VitalsTrak is a monitoring device and does not require FDA approval.

VitalsTrak can be worn using two methods: GelPad or an optional Belt

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