Use Cases

Healthcare & Institutional Management of Patients

VitalsTrak is a cost-effective, scalable solution that is designed to provide enhanced healthcare for your in-house patients by improving efficiency. It will ensure multiple patient monitoring and continuous tracking of vital signs in an easy and hassle-free process!

  • Multi-system biofeedback device that helps track the patient’s heart rate, temperature, and respiration
  • Ability to monitor patients from anywhere in the world by the doctor and first responders.
  • Monitors body position, HRV, activity levels, and sleep status
  • Round the clock ECG tracking with alerts for irregularities
  • Healthcare professionals can receive real-time alerts, provide immediate attention and prioritize patient care
  • Sharing of data is easy; enabling second opinion and consultation from other specialist
  • Ensures better resource planning and efficient management of patients
  • User-friendly, single-screen GUI that provides live feedback parameters
  • Durable and a comfortable design

Remote Monitoring

VitalsTrak will help you gain real-time clinical intelligence and ensure continuous health monitoring of the elderly at home, remote patients, and patients under hospice care. This device can also make healthcare accessible in remote corners and Tier-3 or Tier-4 towns.

  • Capture clinical-grade data and insights with high accuracy
  • Ease of travel with the device
  • 24x7 monitoring of vital signs like heart rate variability, temperature, and ECG
  • Track respiration and sleep patterns
  • Gain insights on stress/anxiety levels
  • Get alerts for patient discomfort/ back pain by monitoring their body position
  • Personalized clinical intelligence

Fitness Performance Tracking

VitalsTrak is a cutting-edge tool for tracking and improving your sports and fitness performance. With this advanced monitoring device, you understand your body’s physiological functions better and make the right decisions to boost performance.

  • Measure individual progress in real-time
  • Use built-in alerts and daily reports to track your progress
  • Learn how to voluntarily control body processes such as heart rate and breathing rate
  • Seamless user experience, keeping convenience in mind
  • Track your activity, and improve endurance
  • Get real-time physiological insights and movement parameters
  • Capture data sources into a unifying system
  • Detect position-specific patterns
  • Gain insights on prevention and recovery of injuries
  • Gain mental wellness insights for peak performance

Advantages of VitalsTrak

  1. The VitalsTrak device has a lifetime of up to 3 years depending on user wear and tear.
  2. The same device can be re-used on multiple patients by replacing the adhesive.
  3. VitalsTrak complies with the requirements of GDPR & HIIPA.
  4. The device can provide heart rate and respiratory rate measurements during periods of motion or activity.